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Leibster Nomination from Naturalist in Nicaragua

My friend Sasha who owns a retreat center in Nicaragua with her fiance has nominated me for the Leibstar Award!  To learn more about what the heck that is, click here.  Sasha has a natural food blog where she shares many amazing recipes, and envy-inducing photos of her beautiful place in the sunny tropics.  You can check her out by clicking here.

How It Works:

1. Link to the person that nominated you

2. Answer all of their questions

3. Nominate 11 other blogs that are new and growing and have 200 followers or less

4. Create 11 interesting questions for those blogs to answer

5. Notify the blogs through social media/on their blogs

Questions for Leibster nominees

1. What is your true passion? If money/time/circumstance was no object and you could do anything (go anywhere) in this life, what would it be?

My true passion is for the earth.  It is the only home we have and I truly want to leave this world a better place than it was when I came in to it if I can.  This passion comes to life in my farming practices, and there is nothing that makes me feel more connected than being out in the tractor on my land, connecting with nature.  The smell of freshly turned dirt and the sound of happy birds chirping around me brings me more peace and happiness than anything else I've ever experienced.  It is a pleasure and an honour to be able to get to know the people that consume the products nature helps me create and to hear how these products have improved their quality of life.

2. Why/when did you begin to pursue a health-conscious lifestyle?

My pursuit of a healthy lifestyle can be attributed to my Auntie Kay, who lives in Haida Gwaii, BC.  Growing up, health and farming never meant that much to me.  But after I graduated from college, I was confused about what I wanted to achieve in my life.  I went to visit her, and she was the one who first introduced me to yoga.  I decided to go to Yashodra Ashram in BC that she had told me about to learn more about my new passion.  This is where I really started to discover the importance of how I treat my body and the world around me.  I thought BC was the place for me, but after living there for a few months I realized that Saskatchewan will always be my home.  I returned home, and started farming with my father. He has also been a huge inspiration for me following a healthy lifestyle.  Through working with the land and learning his techniques of organic farming and caring for the earth, I learned even more about the importance of how I treat the world around me.  I realized that every single decision I make affects the world around me, and that what I do actually matters.

3. What is your idea of a perfect day?  

My perfect day starts with a french pressed coffee and a healthy smoothie with lots of spinach.  My morning would be spent with my dog, on a long leisurely walk through the wild prairies.  Summer in the prairies is my favourite time, so it would have to be summer.  Perhaps the apples would be ready and I could walk through our orchard and pick some apples for a snack, or saskatoon berries would be in season and I could pick a whole bucket to make jelly.  I'd have a healthy lunch with the love of my life, and our afternoon would be spent doing yoga, and hanging out in the sun talking about life and our goals. We would spend some time in the garden pulling weeds and munching on fresh veggies, followed by a sunset barbeque of our very own grassfed beef, complete with a glass(or two) of red wine and an abundance of homegrown veggies fresh picked that afternoon.  

4. What actions are you taking to reduce your carbon footprint?

My farming practices would be the biggest one.  My father and I farm in a way that is as close to how nature farms as possible.  We truly care about the health of our soil, and make farming decision based around this.  We also recycle as much as we can, and grow as much of our own food as possible to benefit our own health and also to take a stand against commercial and factory farming practices.  In the future, my other half and I plan to build a house and when we do, we will want to make it as eco-friendly as possible.

5. Where does your drinking water come from?

I get my drinking water from a man named Larry, who gets it from a natural spring just outside of my hometown.  He delivers it weekly.  It's the best water I've ever drank.

6. Who are some of your favourite local growers/businesses that you like to support?

There are so many!  Body Fuel Organics, Dad's Organic Market, Nutters Estevan, Estevan Farmer's Market, Warren & Jamie Neumann, Miller's By Gone Farm, Brock - our mill man - who raises chickens and eggs, my sister Lauren who grows a vegetable garden and an increasingly wide variety of spices, my dad who grows our beef, my grandma who makes the best bread ever, Earthware Face & Body Products.  To name a few :)

7. What do you love most about nature?

Nature humbles me.  I would be naive to think that I could ever outsmart nature, or grow anything in a better way than Mother Nature herself.  When I stop to look at the world around me, I am in complete awe of the natural beauty and wonder that surrounds me.  Nature makes me realize how small and insignificant I am, and how much I have to learn about the natural world. 

8. If you could travel to experience a certain culture’s cuisine where would you go?

To Nicaragua to visit Sasha! :)

9. If someone wanted you to prepare a healthy meal for them, what would you make?

I would make my einkorn mushroom stew, salad with cranberries, nuts, balsamic and oil, and flatbread to soak up the stew.  

10. What are your morning routines/rituals?

I'm definitely not a morning person, and this is one of my least favourite things about myself.  I'm a total coffee addict, so coffee is one thing I have every morning.  I've never been big on breakfast, but I'm trying to change that so I know have a protein shake or smoothie to start my day.  I also will always take time in the morning to spend with my cat and my dog, because I have a huge love for animals and being with them makes me realize how lucky I am to live the life I do.

11. If you could take one item with you to an uninhabited island what would it be and why?

I would take some kind of device to make water clean to drink, because we can live for a long time without food but not very long without water!  Anything else I needed, I would have faith (or try to) that nature would provide for me.

Questions for my nominees:

1. Why do you care about your health?

2. What do you think the importance of getting to know nature is?

3. How do you make a positive impact on the world around you?

4. What is your main passion in life?

5. What's your idea of a perfect world?

6. Why should people care about what kind of food they eat?

7. What is the importance of organic food?

8. Do you take supplements for your health? Why/Why not?

9. What is the biggest issue facing our world today?

10. Why do you think there is so much junk food on our store shelves?

11. What's the best think a person can do for their own health and wellbeing?

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