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Organic Grains, flours and cereals of top quality is what we do best for you. All products at Daybreak Mill are certified Organic. They are produced, processed and packaged without any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fumigants or preservatives, and they are not desiccated. Crop residues, crop rotation and legumes in the rotation are used to build and maintain organic matter and increase micro-organism populations in the soil. All grains are non-GMO. (not genetically engineered)

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We've got something to satisfy your needs. From organic ancient grains, legumes, cereals and flour. 

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These easy to whip up biscuits are great served warm with butter and jam, paired with a soup, or even to make homemade breakfast sandwiches! With only 5 ingredients, they're not only delicious but healthy too.


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Tasty dinner rolls best served warm with butter


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Hearty home cooked soup is always a good choice.