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Stoneground Flour Mill In Canada

Daybreak Mill has been milling flour since 1890. We are dedicated to providing the purest flour to our customers. Our organic farming techniques have been essential to providing the healthiest flour possible. 

When it comes to flour mills in Saskatchewan, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality organic stone flour milling in the area. Our process is unique and has remained successful through many decades.

We are fully dedicated to providing health and happiness to our customers, which is why we are committed to flour milling the traditional way. We want everyone who enjoys our stoneground flour to experience the difference and reap the benefits.

For wholesome healthy flour that will make any bread extra nutritious, stoneground flour from our little mill is essential. We don’t like to brag, so we’ll let the taste speak for itself. Stoneground flour is noticeably more hearty at first bite and nutritious for the mind and body.

What is Stoneground Flour?

Stoneground flour means whole grains are ground into flour by stones. It really is all in the name. Stoneground flour retains more nutrients as the bran and germ remain in the flour, rather than being removed. 

There are different processes of stoneground milling that create different types of flour. Sifting determines how much bran is left in the flour without impacting the amount of germ that remains. Depending on the level of sifting, the amount of bran left inside will determine if you get hard or soft flour. The more bran left in, the harder the flour. 

At Daybreak Mill, we use a slow and steady process. By processing our stoneground flour we ensure the flour is not heated keeping the nutritional value intact. From there we run the flour through a sifter to emulsify the oils back into the grain. This produces a longer shelf life for the flour and delicious flour that can’t be matched. 

Organic Stoneground Flour VS. All-Purpose Flour

Stoneground flour retains nutrition far better than the all-purpose flour you see at the grocery store. There is a reason wheat has only recently become the villain of the story. The way flour is processed has changed so rapidly that our bodies have had trouble adapting causing an increase in gluten intolerance and wheat allergies. Daybreak Mill has stayed true to the original milling processes because we believe our customers deserve all the goodness grains have to offer in a form that our bodies are familiar with.

All-purpose flour is often bleached and stripped of all nutrition before it hits the grocery store shelves. Typically in commercially produced flour the bran and germ are removed forming unbleached flour at the end of the cycle. Most manufacturers then use bleaching-maturing agents to form bleached all-purpose flour. Without key components of the grain to make the flour nutritious, all-purpose flour is often void of any benefits.  

Health Benefits of Stoneground Flour

The process of stoneground flour has incredible health benefits. With fully intact bran and germ, stoneground flour is a good source of folate, thiamin, magnesium, vitamin B6, iron, selenium, vitamin E, zinc, and fiber. With milling processes that help keep all these benefits in place, it’s easy to see why organic stone milling is a preferable choice.

At Daybreak Mill, we know the value of using only the purest grains. We carry a variety of wheat called Selkirk which has been around since before the 1950s. Selkirk is a healthy wheat that our bodies recognize so there is no need for adaptation. Daybreak Mill whole wheat flour, all-purpose stoneground, and unbleached stone-ground are all made using Selkirk wheat. Even our all-purpose flour still retains 90% bran to ensure the nutritious benefits are not eliminated.

Why Choose Organic Stone Milling from Daybreak Mill

Our flours are made using the purest grains and milled with purpose. We don’t rush the process so that you may reap the benefits of natural stone ground flour, the way it’s supposed to be. We pride ourselves in fulfilling the roles of farmer and miller, so you can feel confident in where your flour comes from. 

When it comes to wholesome organic flour you can trust to nourish your family, choose the mill that is passionate about the health and happiness of their customers. Choose Daybreak Mill to ensure you receive the highest organic integrity and most nutritious grains. We are committed to providing only the best for our valuable purchasers. We can’t wait till you taste the difference of flour milled with love.

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