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Cake Flour & Pastry Flour

Buy our cake flour and pastry flour online below.

At Daybreak Mill, we have created a special light and an extra light pastry flour especially suited to making cakes and pastry. You may be wondering why we did this, and there are very good reasons:

Pastry flour is lower in protein than all-purpose flour. Whereas all-purpose flour has around a 10% to12% protein count, pastry flour has an 8% to 9% protein count. Flours that contain less protein generate less gluten. Protein is what gives your pastry a firmer structure. So, the more protein your flour has, the more chewy or dense your baked goods will be.

While strong or all-purpose flour is well-suited to making bread, using flour with a lower protein count will give you a much lighter, flakier dough, which is ideal for making homemade baked goods such as puff pastry, biscuits, quick bread, scones, and pie crusts. When you’re in the mood for making some juicy cranberry muffins, crumbly banana quick bread, or melt-in-the-mouth cinnamon rolls, Daybreak Mill light and extra pastry flour are excellent choices.

Like all our flours, Daybreak Mill’s Pastry Flour and Extra Light Pastry Flour are top quality and are produced, processed, and packaged without any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fumigants, or preservatives, and are not desiccated.

Quick Facts:

  • Pastry flour is specifically made to hold together the light fluffy layers of biscuits and croissants
  • It’s great for making those special birthday and celebration cakes
  • It bakes perfectly for soft cookies and delicate pastries
  • Pastry flour gives great results for mouthwatering pie crusts
  • We remove 30% of the bran to create our extra light pastry flour
  • None of our light flours are enriched
  • Though pastry flour is lower in gluten than all-purpose flour, it is not quite gluten-free

Pastry Flour

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