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Sarah Picton

Jul 25, 2019 0 comments
Sarah Picton

Sarah is the newest member of our team!  She is a local mother of two, a journeyman welder and a very welcome addition to our team.  Along with her skills as a welder, Sarah is also a born and raised farm kid with the work ethic and attention to detail that comes along with that kind of upbringing.  She will be working alongside Mike in our cleaning plant and flour mill, helping out wherever she is needed.  Sarah is always quick to lend a helping hand and we are so happy to have her at the mill. 

I have known Sarah since I was 7 or 8 years old.  She moved to North Portal and started going to school with us and was very shy when she arrived, not knowing anyone.  Every day, I would go ask her to play at recess and she would always turn me down.  The rest of the kids eventually gave up but I was relentless and finally, she came to play with me.  She has been a good friend ever since and I'm grateful every day that her family decided to move here! I have fond memories of riding horses on Sarah's farm, playing with her family goats, canoeing in the slough across the road from her place and driving the quad around the fields.  We had lots of fun together growing up and I know the fun will continue now that we get to spend every day together!

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