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Nicole Davis

Mar 02, 2017 0 comments
Nicole Davis


Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I took over ownership of Daybreak Mill in January 2012, after working here for just short of a year.  Although sometimes I still can’t believe this is actually what I do, not a day goes by that I don’t have at least one moment that makes me appreciate how much I love my life.  I grew up on an organic farm – it’s the only way of farming I have ever known.  I helped out minimally with the farming growing up, moving cows, or picking rocks, or begging to go for horse rides.  The horses were my favorite part of the farm.  I lost interest in the farming probably sometime around my high school years, and after I graduated I had this idea that I needed to go somewhere else to be happy.  So I moved to the ‘big city’ for a year, came home but still wasn’t satisfied, so left again for some time in BC and then overseas.  Spending that time away from home and away from the country life made me realize how much it’s a part of me, and how much I do love it here in Southeast Saskatchewan.

When I got home from my travels, I started farming with my dad but it was winter and there is not much farming to be done in the winter months.  He sent me out to the mill one day to pick up some product, and Ray asked me if I wanted a job.  The rest is pretty much history! 

I want to continue to supply you with the same high quality, nutritious products that Ray & Marianne did, and that Alvin did before them.  I believe strongly in organic practices that are good for the earth and am humbled and awed by the opportunities that have been presented to me in the organic farming industry.

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