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Mike Davis

Jan 09, 2018 1 comment
Mike Davis

Mike started working here in December of 2017 and he is a very welcome addition to the team. He started working in our cleaning plant and after less than 2 years at the mill is now our plant manager.  He is the perfect fit for the job.

Mike grew up in nearby Estevan, and has been a musician since he was 16. He was in a band when he was younger, and moved out to Vancouver to pursue his music. After a couple years of West Coast life, he moved back to the heart of the prairies. He was married in 2008 to his wife Lindsay and moved out to North Portal. They have a precious daughter Natalie and two cute kitties.  He is still very musical and is part of an amazing band called Hook & Nail with his wife Lindsay and good friend Jeff.  CBC's Taron Cochrane has said if Saskatchewan had a sound, it would be music from Hook & Nail.  They are a newly formed band making big waves in the music scene and we are quite happy to spend our days with a rockstar!

His wife Lindsay made us a lovely video to launch our new logo, and the music in the background is played by him.  You can check out the video by clicking here.
Mike had his own company as a drywaller for many years, but was looking for a career change. We joke around here that he traded one dusty job for another - only now he's covered in flour dust all the time! His wife Lindsay calls him her powdered donut man.
Mike is the kind of guy who always greets you with a smile and is ever ready to lend a helping hand. We are so happy to have him as part of the team!

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1 comment

  • Just got tuned in to your world by talking on the phone with Kaylah. Have known Scheresky products through our food coop x 40 years. How delightful to read your stories and hear about your passion for what you do. Yay! The world needs you. One day I will come visit.
    Wishing you all continued vigorous health and joy. ❤!

    Jeannie on

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