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Kaylah Turner

Mar 07, 2017 0 comments
Kaylah started working with us in the fall of 2015. She is a local mother of two and longtime friend who was looking for some part time work. It has been a great fit! Kaylah started coming out a couple days a week to help with preparing and delivering small orders. Since then, she has taken on more responsibility and now manages our order desk. She is a pleasure to work with and we are so happy to have her.

Kaylah and I have been friends for over 10 years now. She can be classified as a non-committal hippie. She loves baking, crafting and all things homemade. She has an attitude towards life of simplicity and love and this makes her a joy to be around. She is a whiz in the kitchen, so she has also been helping to develop new recipes for our website. It's not unusual for her to come in to work with samples of new cookies, meat pies, or pastries that she's whipped up. We have many laughs together in the packaging room and in the kitchen. Kaylah is one of those rare people that I can talk with about religion, politics, spirituality and other controversial topics with ease. Even with differing opinions, there is respect and mutual understanding in our conversations.

When Kaylah first started working with us, I didn't realize what a blessing she would be. She now manages our orders with such efficiency that it allows me the freedom to work on new projects. I tend to be very dreamy at times, and she helps me keep my feet on the ground. She's the perfect fit for the job!

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