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Brock & Sheila Aspinall

Mar 02, 2017 0 comments
Brock & Sheila Aspinall

Brock is the man who makes all of our flours and cereals.  He has been working here since August of 2006 down in the mill room, making the magic happen.  He makes sure that everything we sell is top quality, and does a great job of this.  There are piles of skids down at the mill full of product, and it never ceases to amaze me that he somehow keeps it all organized.  He is our resident “Mill Man” and we’re very lucky to have him. Any Daybreak Mill products that you receive, he has created.

Brock lives here on the farm with his wife Sheila and their two young sons Josiah and Ethan.  Josiah is always full of smiles and stories, and he brings a lot of joy to the farm.  He and Ethan are keeping their mother very busy!  Sheila is always willing to help out when she is needed but being a mother is a full time job and that is her main priority.  They have a very happy little family out here in the country and are a great part of the Daybreak team.

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