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Alvin Scheresky

Mar 07, 2017 0 comments

Alvin founded this mill in the 1964, and at that time it was called Scheresky Mill. He had a lifetime of knowledge on grains, soil, health and lifestyle in his head. Without his dedication, there would not be a Daybreak Mill today.

In the beginning, Alvin was growing, cleaning, milling, packaging AND delivering all of the products at the mill. He would load up his truck, and head out West stocked with grains, flours and cereals. He always came back with an empty truck, and was always able to make a living doing this. Things have changed in 60 years - today we use trucking services to deliver our grains, but we still grow, clean, mill, and package all of our products right here on the farm. Alvin started this company with the values of honesty, integrity, and quality and we carry on with these same values today.

Alvin recently passed away, but his legacy lives on in every single product we produce.  I used to talk to Alvin frequently, and he was always happy to share his knowledge with me. We talked a lot about soil health, creating healthy products, the health problems facing our world today, and the value of good quality food. He was a mentor and an inspiration to me. I still have customers from his time that have carried on using our grains, because they got to know Alvin and his products in the beginning and have been loyal ever since.

Alvin Scheresky is featured in the Saskatchewan Encyclopedia as a pioneer of organics. You can find out more information about him by clicking here.

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