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Summer lovin'

Jul 12, 2018 0 comments
Summer lovin'

Here at the mill, summer is our slow down time. How lucky are we? The sun is out and people don't want to be stuck inside baking the day away.

We concur!

It doesn't matter how much you love your job and the people you work with. When that weather gets above 20 degrees you don't want to show up! Take me to the beach, the cabin, anywhere but in an office! Or a warehouse cleaning grain and milling flour. A warehouse that has managed to climb into the raging 30's inside. But we do it anyway. We need to pay those bills. It certainly makes it less painful when you care about the people you work with!

This summer in the Turner house, things are looking slightly different. We have finally gotten ourselves into a financial place that we can create a home that is all our own. Since May, we have gutted our entire home. We are living in our garage (thankfully we have a large one!) and our dear neighbor-friends' camper. A camper with AC! That's a first-time for me in my whole life.  I'm happy to report that so far (granted we are only a week in actually living in the camper) things have been running pretty smoothly! Minimal fights between sweaty, exhausted parents and extremely well-behaved kids who seem to completely understand any shortness we may have by 7 pm.

I have to admit though. One thing is suffering. Our food! While we still have plenty of produce around, lunch and supper have much to be desired. Baloney, hotdogs,(the same thing really ha!) anything that is quick enough to throw on the BBQ in the evening when all we want to do is be done for the day. The kids are on their own at lunch and have a microwave at home for the first time in their lives. So they are pretty thrilled to eat anything frozen that can be nuked until what little nutrition was in there, is gone.

We are still eating the BBQ staples like steak and grilled veggies but those pre-marinated chicken skewers are looking mighty simple. Thank goodness for crock pots, too! With only a week under our belts, I'm definitely starting to feel the effects of all this processed meat. Something I never used to notice until we started cleaning up our eating. I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Come fall, we should be loading up our brand new kitchen with our old pots and pans, ready to get back into the swing of better food. I know we won't die from a few more weeks of pretend food. Our bodies are resilient and can take a mega beating. It's my brain that I worry about. Knowing how easy it is to just pop those frozen, stuffed chicken cordon bleu into the oven will take some re-training I'm afraid! I am thankful that I love to cook so I am trying to look at the lack of kitchen gadgets, and counters for that matter, as a well-deserved vacation.

It's times like this that I love living in a tiny village so ordering pizza and all the other delicious things is not an option. Cause I can tell you right now. I'd be doing it. We do have a great bar in Portal, North Dakota that makes a mean mushroom swiss burger that I have no problem taking down. Oh, and an amazing pulled pork, too. Well. I know what I want for supper tonight. Too bad I promised my kid I would attempt a meatloaf with our quickly disappearing moose. Wish me luck!

The glorious internet has a plethora of recipes out there for me to try but isn't it much nicer getting tried and true dish ideas from someone you know? I don't know you all, but after writing messages on your invoices, typing your names in, and sometimes even having lovely phone conversations, I feel like I do! I would love to hear your favourite, simple, BBQ and crock-pot recipes. You just might save my sanity! Share it on Facebook or email me at I would love it if you did!

I hope you are having a fantastic summer. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy your community. Enjoy life!



P.S. This blog is dedicated to Jay H. The hounder of all hounds to get on the computer and write! She is blowing my health change out of the water with her own. Love you!

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