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Once Upon A Time...

Mar 08, 2017 0 comments
Once Upon A Time...

Holy smokes. I'm not sure how bloggers do it. I'm sitting here, trying to figure out how the heck you start writing a blog. I'm so nervous I'm just about sweating!

No one's even here. This is ridiculous.

Let's try this:

Once upon a time, a family of four moved from a tiny city of 13,000 people, to a tiny village of 130. That may be being generous.

The oldest child, 5 years of age, was about to begin at a new school. Also new to him, bussing. The poor little boy had to be on the bus at 730am and did not get home until 445 in the evening. His mother was in a panic every morning , trying to feed him and dress him in time.

About 4 months later, the mother is told that her darling son is fed breakfast at school. Every. Single. Day. At first she was annoyed that he never told her. Although soon after, she was so amazed and grateful. There were people feeding her child. Every. Single. Day.

Wow! That mom sure sounds like an amazing, smart, and total babe of a woman. Ok, fine. It's me!

I was shocked to find out that my son Brody's school had a breakfast program that fed the entire school every day of the week. I am eternally grateful for volunteers. I tell ya. Where would be be without them?

The students are offered things like toast, cold cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, and on special occasion, pancakes!

This is just so incredibly helpful with kids who have to bus and don't like to eat at the butt-crack of dawn, like my now 5 year old daughter, Willow. Although, there is a down side. Brody loves to eat as soon as he gets up. So he has free reign of the fruit drawer before school.

The one other downside is this: A donation and volunteer ran program needs to be able to pinch pennies. This means, the cheaper cereals and the cheaper bread. Which generally means not too much on the nutrition front .

In my house, we are by no means perfect. Proudly far from it. Since moving out to our tiny Village of North Portal , I have been making slow and steady changes. We no longer have a microwave. Firstly, it was because of lack of kitchen space. I told my husband when he bought me a new a kitchen he could have one. Still no microwave! It really has worked out for the best. We honestly do not miss it. Here's why I'm so happy that we don't.

There is absolutely no point in us buying crappy, frozen meals. No pizza pops, no frozen pasta dinners. If I want to warm something up , it's going in a frying pan or the oven. We have to really think about what we are eating. The lack of convenience of a microwave, is helping me make better food choices for my family. Don't get me wrong, I will still buy a frozen pizza from time to time. I work. My husband works. Such is life.

This attitude has spilled over into school lunches. My poor children don't get all the fun stuff "eeeeeveryone" else gets.

They get leftovers, sandwiches, and any typical 1950's lunch you can think of. Ha! No longer are the days of single portion mac n cheese cups. Gone are the days of Lunchable's mini pizzas. Much to their dismay, at first. Now my kids are so used to it, they do not complain.

At first when I found out the breakfast program menu, I was a little disheartened. Again, I reiterate, very grateful. Although, I felt as though we were taking a step back. I had moved on to whole grain breads, organic where we could, and just generally more nutrient packed foods. How was I going to keep my kids from eating this food?

I'm not. They won't drop dead. I've come to realize that. Let them go be social and eat breakfast with their little community. Bonding over white toast and margarine. Perhaps one day they will decide on their own, that they don't want to consume this stuff. I can try my best to lead by example and teach them the value of what goes into our bodies. I will try and do my part.

Me to Myself:

" My part? What can I do?"

" Hey, don't you work at an organic flour mill?"

"Yes, I do."

" Maybe your amazing boss would like to donate organic oatmeal so you can knock one unhealthy item off the menu?'

" Geez, you're a genius. Keep eating those greens. They seem to be helping you with your intelligence level."

Sometimes I kill myself.

On that very serious note, I would like to thank Nicole Davis and Daybreak Mill for supplying organic rolled oats to Weldon School. I so appreciate your drive for wanting to better the world. One small, squished, oat groat at a time!

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