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Meet The Man Behind The Flour - Our Mill Man Brock!

This blog was written by Tammy Marie Rose

Building a great business goes beyond delivering a good product or service quickly and economically. To be successful businesses - especially small businesses - need employees who reflect the company's mission.

At Daybreak Mill our mission is to bring you wholesome 100% organic products at sustainable prices. We succeed at this mission because of employees like our resident Mill Man Brock Aspinall.

Brock makes all of our flours and cereals. He began work at the mill in 2006 after spending years as a long distance truck driver.

"I wanted a change of lifestyle. I was working as a truck driver and was only home about once a week. I grew tired of that and was no longer enjoying my work. My brother, Ray,was the owner/operator of the mill at the time and he needed help. He offered me a job in 2006 and I've been here ever since," Brock explains.

Brock's day at the mill starts at 6:00 a.m. While most of us are hitting the snooze button Brock is getting the mill's plant up and running.

"I open up the plant and start up the equipment that will be in use for the day. I check the stock in our coolers and the orders needing to be filled. From here I then plan accordingly as to what has to be made. I spend the majority of my time making flours and cereals. I work on preparing orders, overseeing the grain cleaning, and building skids of product to be shipped to customers all over the country. I also supply product to our small packaging unit that then prepares our smaller (non-bulk) orders. I enjoy working on the milling side of the plant, I get satisfaction out of knowing that I am producing quality food. It's rewarding to see the end product of a hard day's work."

Nicole Davis, the owner of Daybreak Mill says, "We are very lucky to have him. Any Daybreak Mill products that you receive, he has created. I'm so happy to have him here. I seriously couldn't do it without him."

Eating organic is important to Brock and his family, "For me the health factor weighs heavy. I don't want my boys eating pesticides and chemicals. As much as I can I would like to ensure that these are avoided."

Brock works hard to ensure every product that he produces is of the highest quality, "First we start with high quality grain. This comes from the strict organic standards we follow combined with generations of organic farming knowledge. This makes for smart farming and quality products. In my work I oversee that the mills are set properly for the product being prepared. I also work to ensure cleanliness. Quality grain plus quality control in production makes for quality products."

"I grew up a quarter mile from here up the hill. My uncle used to live on this land and I remember playing here often as a child. I'm pleased to be raising my boys here with my lovely wife Sheila. There is no better way to do it, the country life is a good one. Having a job you're happy with allows you to do your best work and from that comes satisfaction. It's also really nice to not have to drive to work and to be able to have lunch with my family."

Brock works hard daily to make organic products of the highest standards, "Our products are high quality, healthy and made by people who want to provide the public with good food. We are run by people who care, people who are not just solely here to make money," he explains.

There is no doubt that Brock is a major part of why Daybreak Mill has been successful. His love for the land and his job are reflected in every product that he produces. Brock is living proof that the foremost quality - there's no success without it - is loving what you do.

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