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All About Alvin's Millet

Jan 29, 2019 0 comments
All About Alvin's Millet

This tiny, gluten free seed has been a staple in Asia for almost 10,000 years.  With the rise of gluten sensitivities in our culture, it is increasing in popularity in North America.  The millet that we carry is grown right here on our farm and it is an old, Ukranian variety.  The seed came from our founding father Alvin Scheresky - it has been grown in our area for over 20 years.  When a seed is grown in a specific area for that amount of time, it will start to adapt to the growing conditions and become what is known as a landrace variety.   Millet is a highly drought resistant plant and a great crop to have in rotation for organic farming.  After harvesting the seeds, the stocks and leaves are ideally left on the field and plowed in to the soil to benefit the next crop grown there.  Millet will compost slowly, making it ideal for long-term soil management.

The most common variety of millet on the market is called white proso.  This variety has yellow hulls and pale yellow seeds.  Our variety - which we call Alvin's Millet - has multi-coloured hulls in the field and when they are removed for human consumption, the grain inside is a lovely bright yellow.  We have had reports from customers that our millet has much more flavour than the common white proso variety. 

There are many reasons to add millet to your diet.  It contains more antioxidants and fiber per serving than most other grains.  As with many ancient grains, it also has a wonderful nutrient profile.  Full of magnesium, potassium, zinc, folate, choline, and amino acids - millet is a food that your body will love.  If you're looking for ways to add millet to your diet,for breakfast try our Apple Millet Porridge.  For a savoury dinner idea, check out these Millet Stuffed Peppers.

Millet is definitely one of our favourite grains on the farm - especially because of it's connection to our founder Alvin.  It doesn't hurt that the almighty Alvin's Millet is full of flavour and nutrition too!

To order Alvin's Millet from our website, click here.

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