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Health Benefits Of Daybreak Mill Products
Daybreak Mill has farmed without pesticides, herbicides and man-made fertilizers since 1964 when it was first started by Alvin Scheresky. Alvin pioneered organic methods, farming this way long before it was popular. He was the type of man who was always learning. His extensive knowledge of health (plant, soil, and human) is astounding. His knowledge in the organic field includes topics of soil health, grains, processed grains, and qualities of grains. His product line is known nationwide and its integrity and quality is second to none. We are very fortunate to have him as our mentor and inspiration.

The history of Daybreak Mill continued to evolve as it was later taken over by the Aspinall's. Ray & Marianne Aspinall chose to farm organically for the principle of it. They realized that the chemicals were negatively affecting their soil and physical health along with adding an unhealthy supply to the food chain. In 1996 they received their first organic certification and in 2003 took ownership of Daybreak Mill.

Daybreak Mill once again changed hands in January of 2012; the quality and nutrition of our products remains the same. We still farm organically, paying close attention to soil and plant health throughout the growing season. We use crop rotations and plow downs to keep our soil healthy, and in turn keep our crops healthy.

At Daybreak Mill we have two sets of cleaning equipment, both capable of cleaning to 99.99% standards of purity. One set does all custom work while the other is for cleaning and bagging of product we grow. Our product is carefully cleaned with several machines to be sure the grains are free of any foreign debris.

Our goal is to maintain Alvin’s integrity and quality. He’s still very much interested in farming, has a large garden, and frequently drops in. We appreciate his knowledge and expertise, and are pleased he is still a part of the business he created. He is very happy to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for organic practices. His passion for health inspires us to continue down the path of holistic living .

Ray & Marianne are also still very much a part of the business. Ray will be helping with seeding this year and we look forward to seeing both him and Marianne. They are both very knowledgeable in the ways of organic living. We work to maintain their standards of quality and nutrition.

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