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Mario's Einkorn Pasta

Sep 25, 2018 0 comments
Mario's Einkorn Pasta

For egg noodles using Einkorn whole grain flour use 96g of flour per one large egg. This is a perfect ratio.

Normally for regular flour, it's 1 large egg per 100g of AP flour. But with whole grain Einkorn, you need less than 100g. So 95 or 96g is a perfect balance.

In a large bowl, add flour and then make a well at the center. Add the egg(s) in the well and then beat only the eggs with a fork until eggs and egg whites are mixed.

Slowly start mixing in the flour from the edges into the well of the liquid eggs.

Once the mixture is stiff, with one hand start to knead the dough. Start from one end of the bowl and fold the sticky/clumpy mixture onto itself and then push with the palm of your hand away from you.

Rotate the bowl with your free hand and repeat the process to incorporate all of the flour into what will form as a dough ball.

Take the dough out of the bowl and continue kneading on a floured surface. Keep folding in and pushing out and rotating on the work surface. Stop once the dough ball is smooth.
Liquids absorb slower with Einkorn so be patient. Honestly, the whole process took me 10 minutes max.

Cover with a bowl or plastic wrap and let it rest for 20 minutes.

Divide the dough ball in half or into 4 pieces. When working with one piece, make sure to cover the remaining as to not dry them out.

Now for shaping the pasta without any machines here are some YouTube videos that make it easier than to just write it out.

Garganelli pasta is perfect. All you need is a $4 gnocchi board and chopsticks to tool them out.

Once your pasta is shaped. Leave for one hour to dry on a pasta rack or on top or parchment paper. Freeze your pasta for storage.

When cooking the pasta salt the water like the ocean lol.

For fresh tomato sauce:

If you don't jar your own then NEVER buy jarred sauce from the supermarket. A better alternative is to buy crushed tomato in a can (avoid hunts or Heinz of you can) because the tomatoes taste fresher. OR take fresh tomatoes and run them in a blender or Vitamix until smooth and cook to your consistency.

If you're using canned tomatoes then I only cook it for 20 minutes.

Dried Herbs to add at the start of cooking

2 parts oregano or marjoram or both
1 part thyme
Pinch sage
crushed red pepper flakes if you want heat.

In the last two minutes of cooking the sauce add fresh basil.

I never cook the sauce with olive oil. I drizzle olive oil on top once I plate the pasta with sauce.

I had the tastiest pasta!


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