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Kamut-Nut Beans

Feb 07, 2019 0 comments
Kamut-Nut Beans



20 oz of Green Beans

1/2 cup Kamut

Olive oil

Half pint of mushrooms

1/4 of an onion

2 cloves of garlic

Fresh parmesan cheese

Salt & Pepper


Kamut puffing! It is my new favourite thing to do. All you need is a hot air popcorn machine. Add just a couple tablespoons of Kamut grain as it does not shoot out like popcorn does. You know its done when you start to smell a little burning. Just check it off and on if you don't trust the sniff test! Some pieces of grain will pop and crack open, some will not. So don't rely on the sound.

Once you have your Kamut all finished, drizzle with just a touch of olive oil and season with salt and pepper, or whatever dried herbs you like.

Saute mushrooms, onions, and garlic. Add to steamed green beans that have been dressed with butter and salt. Top it all off with some freshly shaved parmesan cheese. 


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