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Kent's Sourdough

Jun 18, 2018 2 comments
Kent's Sourdough
The proportions are variable but I use 100% flour, 75% water, 2% salt and 15% sourdough leaven. I've used various proportions of 100% stoneground flour, but often use a combination of your stoneground hard red, AP hard read and regular all-purpose white or sometimes einkorn or dark rye. 
For my method, I pre-mix the flour/water/salt early in the morning when I wake up and mix the leaven at the same time. By the time I get home after work, the gluten will be well-developed and the sourdough will be ready to mix. I mix and fold the leaven into the dough. 3 times every 10 minutes. Then I'll fold the dough every 30 minutes for 3 hours then let it rise on its own for another 30-60 minutes. It's usually risen by 30-50% by four hours. Then I'll remove it from the container and pre-shape 2 rounds. I'll let it sit for 30-60 minutes depending on how active it's. Then I'll shape it into a batard shape and put it in a proofing basket and to the fridge for the night. After 12 hours or so it's usually ready to put in the oven. I heat the oven to 500F for an hour with a dutch oven inside. I'll bake the bread for 20 minutes with the lid on at 475F, then 12 minutes at 425F then 400F for the rest. 

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  • Recipe I normally make with store bread flour, I used unbleached stoneground flour mixed with a small amount of the AP stoneground, and there is no gluten development whatsoever. Dough turned out like a batter. Final result looked more like a cake than bread.

    Gideon on

  • Thanks for the instructions, it has helped with my gluten development. What is your crumb like? I’m able to get a decent crust, but the crumb is very dense. I’ve been working with this flour for 6+ months and am still struggling to make a less dense (think Italian vs German sourdough) loaf. Any suggestions or advice would be great. Thanks!

    Sharon on

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