Health Benefits Of KAMUT Khorsan Wheat

KAMUT Khorsan Wheat
KAMUT is considered by some to be a super food.  The name "KAMUT" is trademarked, which means it is a controlled grain and must always be organically grown and GMO free.  KAMUT contains essential amino acids, lipids, and vitamin E.  It contains smart carbohydrates for energy, and protein to keep the muscles strong.  KAMUT has great anti-aging properties due to its high content of selenium and zinc. In a recent study it was found that replacing the modern day wheat in one's diet with KAMUT caused improved metabolic health via the lowering of cholesterol and blood glucose (Sofi, Whittaker, Cesari et al., 2013).


-Khorasan is the Egyptian name for KAMUT
-KAMUT flour works well for coo kies, biscuits, waffles, pancakes and breads
-It is high in protein, gluten, and magnesium
-Most people can digest KAMUT easily


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