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Liebster Nomination - Danielle Robinson

Recently, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Sasha Friess of Naturalist in Nicaragua.  This award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them into the blogging world.  It was an honour to be nominated!  I passed the nomination on to fellow bloggers that I admire, and one person I passed this on to was Danielle Robinson, or Dani as I call her.  She does not have a personal blog, but her capacity for caring for others and sharing wellness and health tips is amazing.  She is currently learning about permaculture and sustainable living at a place in BC and is possibly going to come to our farm next summer to share what she has learned and to learn about our methods.  She is also a certified yoga instructor and is completing a course in holistic nutrition.  You can check her out on Instagram here.  I have known Dani for almost 15 years now, and I feel lucky to call her a close friend.  Since she doesn't have her own blog, I wanted to share her response to my Liebster Nomination here.  I hope you enjoy! ..

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Leibster Nomination from Naturalist in Nicaragua

My friend Sasha who owns a retreat center in Nicaragua with her fiance has nominated me for the Leibstar Award!  To learn more about what the heck that is, click here.  Sasha has a natural food blog where she shares many amazing recipes, and envy-inducing photos of her beautiful place in the sunny tropics.  You can check her out by clicking here.

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