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Meet Jolie, Our Go To Gal!


Jolie has been working with us at the mill for over a year now, and she has been a great asset to our team. She is always willing to lend a hand whether it’s filling bags of flour, getting a load of grain or chasing cows! She’s also a professional photographer and has been taking many amazing photos for us to share with you of what it’s like here on our farm. I recently sat down with Jolie to find out some more about her - to say she doesn’t like to talk about herself would be an understatement! I first asked Jolie to tell me a little bit about herself:

“My name is Jolie and I like pickled eggs, baseball, and reading the paper. I grew up on a nearby farm with two older brothers. I enjoy sports, animals, volunteering, photography, learning and cooking. I live in Estevan now with my boyfriend Klae, our dog Eastwood, pig Eleanor and cat Edgar. I also run a photography business, JMW Photos. I like spending time with my family, volunteering when I can, and almost any outdoor activity.”

Jolie has one of the softest hearts I know. Although she can easily come across as a tough tomboy, there is a soft layer underneath it all. She is extremely compassionate and always willing to help another that is in need, whether a person, an animal or a plant.

I next asked Jolie if she felt that working at the mill had changed or benefitted her at all:

“Yes! I get to talk to a lot of people and learn different tips and tricks that people use to stay healthy. Everyone has a different way of being healthy and it’s cool to learn how and why different methods work for people or don’t work for them, or how they heard about it. I also get to work with my buddies which is extremely beneficial, most days :). I get to work with Kaylah and Nicole in the packaging room where we do lots of singing and joking around while we fill bags.  We have very happy flour!  I also love working down in the mill where we make everything because I get to see first hand the process and what it takes to make our products. It helps me to understand and appreciate more each grain and flour because I see how much time and care goes in to cleaning and milling our products to get them table ready. I get to work with Brock and Kelsey down there, or B-man and Peanut and they're great! I also get a discount :)”

Jolie is an amazing photographer, and I next wanted to know what inspired her passion to pursue photography:

"National Geographic was really inspiring to me, I like taking nature photos and fine art and I like to show people how I view things. We live in a world that’s so digital, I like to give people something they can physically hang on their wall. Especially nowadays, not as many people get family photos. With weddings I like to show people how the day actually was, when people are getting married they can be so busy and stressed out so it’s nice to give them some memories from the day.”

I always love watching Jolie when she’s taking photos. It’s so apparent how much she loves it and how much time and care she puts in to getting the photo just right. She has a very clear passion for photography and it shows through in every single picture I have seen of hers. She has a knack for letting the beauty shine through in her photos, no matter what she is photographing.

Jolie is always looking out for other people, making sure they’re okay. I wanted to know why she thought it was important to treat the world and everything around her with respect:

“We only have one world so we might as well be as good to it as we possible can. People wise, you never know what that stranger you just flipped off or whatever is going through. Be as kind as you can. One kind thing can go a lot farther than you think it would”

This gal is a real gem! Last Christmas, she got us set up to volunteer at a local church handing out presents to those who couldn’t afford them for their families. It was such a beneficial thing to do, to give without expecting anything in return. It was Jolie’s desire to help others that got us to that church and I am so grateful she did.

To finish things off, I wanted to know if Jolie could change three things about the world, what would they be?

“I wish kids sports were free. I would get rid of factory farms and puppy mills for sure. I also wish we did more to help homeless people too, not just meaning the government but people individually. I would love it if we showed more compassion for people who are struggling, especially because you never know how they got there, and you never know if one day you’ll be in their shoes."

So there you have it! That’s our lovely little Jolie. She is a great gal and not only is she a great asset to our team, she has also become a great friend to me. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know her as much as I have!