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Grandma Shirley's Bread Making Wisdom

My grandma spent most of her childhood on the farm where I now live. In her time, things were a lot different. They knew how to live off the land a lot more efficiently than we do today, and the knowledge that my grandma has is invaluable. They had a huge garden that they preserved a lot of to get them through the winter, a milk cow, chickens, ducks, horses and grain. Grocery store bread was barely even available back then, so they made most if not all of it by hand. I've been spending time with my grandma over the last couple of years learning her bread making technique. She's also taught me how to make chokecherry jelly, pickles, and countless other baked goods. Her homemade mac and cheese is the bees knees. I am so thankful for her and spending time learning from her is quite enjoyable! ..

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